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Key Features

Visitor Count

It Measure number of people entered to your store

Stay Duration

Measure how long the visitor stayed in your store

Cross Shopper

How many visitor has cross shop to another shop

Outside Traffics

Visualise the passerby of the store and measure the turn in rate

Returning Customer

Measure how many of them are frequent visitor

Zone Analytics

Visualise the traffic flow in a specific zone

How Footfall Analytic Process Work?

  • 1


    Store performance in terms of footfall and sales conversion rate.

  • 2


    Identify the best operation hours to minimize lost opportunity.

  • 3


    Compare the stores performances within your region.

3D People Counter - #1 Visitor Count 3D People Counter - #2 Sales conversion

Individual Tracking Mobile App Solution

A complete footfall counting solution with experience, expertise, and a proven enterprise solution. Here you can easily locate stores out of the trends, plan opening hours, plan store staff needs, calculate and compare conversion rates in conjunction with store data. You can also easily convert the data to any standard format, txt, xls and others under demand.

Footfall Numbers

Analyze the footfall data in a specific and accurate way


Today’s Total Visitor


Last 7 days Total Visitor


Today’s Average Footfall



Make Footfall Counting Faster & easier than Ever before :

Business Intelligence Application

  • Quickly analyze customer traffic flow (peak time) in the store
  • Identify hot zones and hot products in the store
  • Differentiate children from adults among customers
  • Differentiate customer’s genders and profiles
  • Evaluate in-store marketing activities

Efficient In-store Staff Arrangement

  • Timely allocate on-site staff to hot zones
  • Improve sales services and marketing support
  • Reduce labour waste in some areas

Improve Customer Services & Satisfaction

  • Instantly learn the in-store people flow and adjust air conditioning
  • Monitor queue length to reduce customer’s wait time in the check-out register
  • Proper staff approaches to the customers in crowds who may need help

In-store Human Property and Assets Protection

  • For public safety and security, retailers can count on FD's Retail solution to aware situational incidents, such as loss prevention, Suspicious objects, flame & smoke accident and so forth.
  • Real-time video recording can be presented as forensic evidence

Sample Reports

Marketing Effectiveness Report
Time Comparison Report
Retail Chain Daily Report
Cross Shopper Analytics

Thought Leadership

Consumer data is precious & hence data wallets must be strong.

Ankit Malik CTO

Data leaks can take down the brand reputation in no time.

Shivani Huja COO

GDPR has defined right the way of communication with data privacy.

Ajitesh Gupta Analyst

Founder & CEO Bio

Yogesh Huja is one of the great technology pioneers, born in a family of warriors. His father served Indian Air Force & mother was a home maker. He is a creative wand since his childhood. In 2008 he got married to Shivani who is really a better half of him. They are blessed with two cute daughters Sonakshi & Sunaina.

He believed technology without an efficient support is like a body without soul.

He is an entrepreneur well known for his innovation, care & scale up capabilities. At the age of 21, he started his first venture Swaran Soft Support Solutions in the field of technology services. They served clients like Honda, Bausch & Lomb, DMRC and many other top giants of industry for their online presence, he felt the need of technology is much higher for someone who is in pain.

In 2015 he started Freedom Desi - A Retail Tech Startup with a vision of connecting retail worldwide. He is of a firm belief that to track the results of his advertising you need to have measuring scale.

He is an enthusiastic lover of music and columnist for leading magazines i.e Entrepreneur.com, ET & more. Business World calls him “The Robin Hood of Offline Retail.”

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